Information for Publishers

How We Retrieve Content

Articles are pulled straight from RSS/Atom feeds. This means that if your website supports syndication, your website is compatible with Pulsefeed.

How We Decide What Content to Pull

When a user follows an RSS/Atom feed, we initially attempt to pull a number of articles within it. Subsequent pulls are made periodically. We store the last modified date and ETag to prevent needlessly hitting your servers.

How We Attribute

Every article on the Pulsefeed website has its publisher in its bottom row of links. This consists of the name of the publisher in plaintext, as well as its icon. When clicked, the user is directed to a page with articles belonging to the corresponding publisher.

How We Rank Articles

Articles are scored and ordered algorithmically. Taking into account how long ago the article was published, the number of times it was read, and more. The exact formula is not public to prevent abuse.

Having Your Articles Removed

We are more than willing to cooperate with any requests to remove content which belongs to you. Providing enough evidence citing you as an copyright executor, Pulsefeed will "ban" your publisher. This has the effect of removing all content associated with the publisher, as well as ensuring none of its articles are ever pulled in the future.

Contacting Us

You are welcome to get in touch with Pulsefeed via any of the methods highlighted by our contact page.